About Us

Hi, I’m Sarah and I’m the founder and owner of le tee.  I think I am similar to most women in that, no matter how many clothes I own in a variety of styles and designs, I always seem to gravitate towards the same few items, day after day.  The items I crave are plainer, extremely well cut clothes, that there simply aren’t enough of available in my price range. 


I am a working mum with school age kids and I just don’t have the time each morning to spend ages working out what will go with what. I also don’t want to have to change clothes throughout the day according to whatever I have going on.  I want items I can easily dress up or down according to the occasion.  I want clothes that won’t date, and that will look and make me feel great, and be suitable for all my roles, from the school run to work, drinks in the evening, eating out with friends and partners. 


I have been lucky enough to spend the last three years living in Paris and have been completely inspired by the effortless chic that seems to radiate from French women going about their everyday lives.  They can make a simple jersey tee shirt top look elegant, and I want to bring this effortless chic look to this collection. 


I have started my range with some wardrobe staples to see you through the Autumn and Winter.  Long sleeve tees, some with fun slogans. Sweatshirt dresses for all occasions, well cut trousers for day and evening, and shirts and tunics that can be easily dressed up or down.  I have also included some knitwear for when the chill really sets in.


I hope you enjoy browsing the collection, and I hope the styles soon become your own everyday pieces, that you can rely on to make you look like you have made maximum effort in the mornings, when we all know the reality is we have 5 to 10 minutes snatched to ourselves if we are lucky….. 


Release your inner French chic and feel great! 


Sarah x